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What follows is a step by step restoration of S/N 448. Just click on the picture to get more details.

DATE Small Picture Description
10/3/09 This was the first time I saw #448. I didn't know if it was for sale or not. It's about 95% complete, not to bad for it's age.
10/31/09 Heading for home, which is about a 40 minute drive.
11/1/09 In my shop. S/N found, build date figured out. Press is stuck and won't turn completely over.
12/6/09 Removing flywheels are never fun. For some reason when you don't want them to come off they will loosing up and maybe even fall of while running. When you want to take one off they are so much of a pain you wonder is it really worth it. This one was rust welded in place and somebody else aready tried pulling this flywheel.
12/7/09 Much has been said about whether the key in the flywheel is a tapered (GIB key) or a straight type key. Click on the picture and see.
12/10/09 This was about as much fun as removing the flywheel.
12/13/09 It's all torn down now. Here I've laid all the pieces to #448 out on the floor to show what a Jobber 7 looks like un-assembled
12/29/09 Today's project was sandblasting the base. It was around 20F degress outside and sunny. No Snow!!!
12/30/09 I have sandblasted parts all over the shop now....BUT I can't just start priming them yet!!!
1/1/10 Now I have parts with primer all over them in my shop. BUT painting of these parts is still a long ways off.
1/9/10 The base of this press is pretty rough. In here I explain the process of polishing cast iron. Not all items will get this process. All depends on the part, how visible the part is, and how much pinstripe and mulit-colors painting might be on it.
1/10/10 Never fails, something is always broke. I found three pieces on this press where the cast iron is broke. These pages give a brief description on how I repaired/welding the cast iron back together.
1/12/10 Somebody else also like #448.....see how much he like it here!!!!
2/22/10 The main body of the press it black.
2/25/10 Factory repairs made in some cast iron parts.
3/2/10 Factory stamping marks....Quality Stamp or Machinist Stamp???