Golding Pearl No.1
5x8 Old Sytle
S/N 814


This little baby Pearl has been through a lot over the years...but it still in pretty descent shape. The main drive shaft has a lot of wear on it, and will need a completely new one...along with lower treadle rod pin is very very worn.  Guessing many pieces of paper have run through this press.  There are a couple old welds, and one blacksmith style repair.  I will not mess with these because these repairs done years ago are normally pretty solid repairs.  A complete set of new drawers will also need to be made.  As of 1/23/15 this press has been torn down for complete restoration....time for some dress clothes!!!

Gordon in street clothes

 the flywheels is spin = printing!!!


A close look at the S/N for this press....S/N 814

the flywheels is spin = printing!!!